The Church "In the Beginning," was  Church "Born of Water and Spirit," and the Church of Jesus Christ, in the last days, must also be born of this Great Message from Pentecost to our day. I am thankful for great men of God who have faithfully carried this Message to our day. Our Church began with such men as this.

The roots of our Church began in a small storefront at 2205 St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio between 1940 and 1941. Brother Albert Roberts and Brother Paul Hart started this mission, then called The True Gospel Mission. This was later moved to another storefront on West 25th Street. Brother Roberts and Brother Hart both being employed in secular work, felt the Church should have a full-time Pastor. They contacted Brother Hungerford, who became the Pastor. 

The Church relocated to West 44th and Clark Avenue. The name was then changed to The Apostolic Gospel Church. A few years later, the Church moved to the Quanset Hut building on Denison Avenue. Brother Hungerford continued Pastoring a few years, then moved to California. Brother Joseph Ronk then became the Pastor of The Apostolic Gospel Church, later he purchased a church at West 48th and Franklin Blvd. After several years, Brother Ronk sold this church and moved into the Brookpark Memorial School until the church was built at 12970 Huffman Road. Brother Ronk pastored the First United Pentecostal Church of Parma, from April 1974, until his ministry came to an end on December 11, 1982, when the Lord called him home. Men like these were truly, "Born in the Fire."

After the Lord called Brother Ronk home, Brother Robert O'Bannion became the Pastor of the Church on December 12, 1982. He remained the Pastor until he retired on November 1, 2018. After assisting Brother O'Bannion for four years, Brother Michael Staab assumed the role as Pastor of New Hope Pentecostal Church.

Rev. Michael Staab